About 3L

Founded in 1990,Jiangxi 3L Medical Products Group Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise with strong economic strength and technological innovation ability. It specializes in the research and development, production and sales of disposable polymer medical products

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  • Surgical infection control products

    Surgical infection control products

    Including medical operation film, craniocerebral operation film,...

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  • Diagnostic and nursing products

    Diagnostic and nursing products

    With cover, disposable dialysis care package

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  • Wound care products

    Wound care products

    Including cover elastic band ai medical infusion paste

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  • Medical disease control

    Medical disease control

    Including disposable mask, medical surgical mask

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Latest news

  • 28 years in a row! 3L group once again passed the certification of...

    On 17 Dec 2020

    After the strict pre review, expert review, identification report, publicity and verification by...

  • 3L (Cambodia) "one piece bag" has been approved by the State Drug...

    On 03 Dec 2020

    Recently, the one-piece bag made by 3L group Cambodia company has been approved by the State...

  • 3L group was invited to participate in Jiangxi International Trade...

    On 07 Nov 2020

    On the morning of November 6, the 3rd China International Import Expo Jiangxi International Trade...

  • 3L group made its debut in the third China International Import Expo

    On 06 Nov 2020

    On November 5, the third China International Import Expo was held as scheduled in the National...

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